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This Big Foot sign was posted in a North Carolina. shelter.

Oct 30 I think

We met Lida and Diego on a mountain top. They were from Columbia and were very interested in hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in peru with us. That hasn't happened...yet. We can carry the gear, and they can speak the language, it's a perfect match.

Oct 30

We had reached Hot Springs, North Carolina. Marcus's shoes were nearly falling apart. He had gone through at least 2 pair.

Oct 31

Elmar's Sunnybank Inn of Hot Springs, North Crolina, a registered National Historic Site. We stayed here the night of the 30th. It's the kind of place you'd like to invest in, fix it all up and have it filled with interesting people.

You'll notice that the dates on these photos don't jive well with the preceeding state. The Appalchain Trail runs along the NC and TN border, making it hard to seperate photos because you move from one state to the other daily. The only photos on this page were taken in or near Hot Springs, NC. The rest are mixed with the Tennessee page.

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