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The Appalachian Trail is a meandering path that winds its way over, around and through the Appalachian Mountains and 14 different states. Those states include:

Maine - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
New Hampshire - Photos : Clubs Listed Below

Vermont - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
Massachusetts - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
Connecticut - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
New York - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
New Jersey - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
Pennsylvania - Photos : Clubs Listed below

Maryland - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
West Virginia - Photos : State Club/Volunteering
Virginia - Photos : Clubs Listed Below

Tennessee - Photos : Clubs Listed Below

North Carolina - Photos : Clubs Listed Below

Georgia - Photos : State Club/Volunteering

Each state is responsible for maintaining its portion of the trail. Thus, trail maintainence clubs and crews, in communication with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, have formed to take lead on the activities of trail construction and grooming. They are each open to volunteer members and post regular updates on club websites.

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McAfee's Knob of Virginia Appalachian Trail Photos
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